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We offer accredited Google Adwords management and PPC services designed to get your campaigns performing. From our studio in Wimborne we work with clients in Bournemouth, Poole and throughout Dorset.

Our mission is to delivery results for your business.  From the initial setup of your PPC advertising and through the ongoing optimisation we can help you to achieve results.

What are PPC Services?

‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC is a form of online paid advertising. It is increasingly used by companies who want to drive instantly targeted leads to their website. It provides an effective way of gaining relevant targeted leads and therefore, potential paying customers to a website.

PPC is most commonly associated with advertisement placement on Search Engines. The is usually in the form of ‘keyword’ driven advertisements. These are served to users based upon their input ‘search query’.

Algorithms determine the exact amount that an advertiser pays for each click or visitor sent to their website. Prices per click vary. They are  broadly determined by industry, number of competing advertisers, quality of the advertisement and relevancy of the destination page.

Benefits of PPC

While focusing on search engine optimisation offers the potential for free website traffic, the reality is that it can take time to deliver results. Even the most successful organic search campaigns are unlikely to deliver instant traffic overnight.

Therefore a key advantage of using click based advertising is that you can get targeted hits to your website immediately. In this respect it offers one of the best opportunities for a new business to connect with a relevant audience at launch. For existing business it offers an alternative way to generate traffic. It can also be used to identify new market spaces and compete with competitors.

Pay Per Click Platforms

By far the most well known and significant of the online advertising networks is Google Adwords. This is provides a ‘Pay Per Click’ model where you literally pay for each click to your website. It is worth nothing that both Bing and Yahoo offer similar albeit smaller advertising networks. Advertising on Twitter and Facebook means you can also now run social media campaigns on a similar model.

These platforms work by serving up relevant adverts in response to targeted keyword queries. These can be either directly entered in a search engine or provide as relevant ads across the advertisers respective content network. Placement positioning takes into account the ‘bid’ amount that the advertiser is willing to pay and the overall quality score of the campaign.

This model seeks to level the playing field somewhat so that both large and small businesses are able to compete for positioning. It is however important that the various metrics of each campaign are managed and reviewed regularly to achieve optimal placement. A well run campaign ensures that advertisers are able to maximise both the quantity and quality of the clicks served on a campaign for a given budget.

Google Adwords Management

As with offline advertising and marketing campaigns, success can only be measured by the ROI (Return On Investment). Campaign managers have several metrics on which they can measure and optimise the performance of campaign. These include the conversion rate, total of clicks and the ‘Click Through Rate’ which determines how likely a user will click through to the website on seeing the advertisement.

Getting clicks to a website is the easy part. However achieving targeted traffic economically and ensuring that visitors convert when reaching your site is the hard part. Expert ongoing management and frequent campaign optimisations are required.

At Kitn we are experienced in setting up and optimising Adwords and pay per click advertising campaigns. We provide ongoing monitoring and reporting for your campaign to ensure that you he maximize the return from your budget and avoid wasting money on irrelevant clicks.

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