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“Sometimes you need to shout to get noticed.”

search engine optimisation

Our search engine optimisation team has helped many clients in Bournemouth and Poole to achieve higher rankings in local SEO. In addition we have also worked with a number of leading global clients to help them get seen online by potential clients.

Our approach to site optimisation keeps up to date with the latest Google guidelines. This ensures that we can successfully promote your business online and create stable long term rankings for your website.

The World Wide Web is without doubt a more crowded place than it once was. From initial small beginnings where early adopters jostled for top rankings, today there are literally millions of websites competing for visibility. In short the internet is an increasingly packed market place.

Recognizing the need to ‘get online’ is just first step to launching your business website. It you want to create an effective online presence and reach a relevant audience there is no escaping  the need for some level of website optimisation to be undertaken.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a broad umbrella term. It covers a wide range of different techniques which are designed to help increase the online visibility of your website.

It doesn’t matter if you are large business looking to market a new campaign or a small company looking to extend your local search engine reach. While the mechanics may vary the ultimate aim is the same. This is to put your website in front of the widest and most relevant audience.

Below we introduce a few concepts around SEO. These highlight the various parts that could make up a bespoke seo campaign designed to increase online visibility. Such an approach would target increased rankings across all of the major search engines. These include the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Keyword Analysis

A successful campaign starts with the identification of keywords. These are the terms that you want your website to be found for. Identifying these terms is actually more difficult than it sounds, requiring detailed keyword research. What many businesses think their potential visitors are searching for is often very different to the actual search queries they are making.

Te need to identify correct keywords should therefore not be underestimated. It is also vital that the search terms identified can drive relevant traffic to your site that will lead to customer conversions. Ultimately keyword research is fundamental for future ranking potential. Moreover it identifies the terms you need to gain visibility for.

Organic SEO

There are many approaches to website optimisation. In the first instance we look at the site itself. This is a practice we refer to as ‘onsite’ or ‘organic’ search engine optimisation. Areas we analyse include mobile accessibility, website load times, coding errors and any ‘on page’ content factors that need to be addressed.

We first analyse the website design and structure. This allows us to identify any changes required to make a site compliant with the best onsite practices and ranking guidelines.This is achieved through the use of both our years of experience and the latest industry tools. From this we can find areas of where improvements can be made.

The next step is to put together a recommended action plan of action to correct these issues. Often the cumulative effect of a number of small changes can significantly increase ranking potential.

Link Building

The term ‘link building’ is often used in relation to SEO. While it still plays a crucial role in website ranking, it is important to differentiate between good and bad linking practices.

‘White hat’ link building encourages relevant links to be built back to your site through votes for the quality of your content. In short good, relevant content will draw in visitors and ultimately links.

This is a safe, best practice and within Google’s guidelines. Conversely the ‘Black Hat’ approach could land you in trouble. Proposed by underhand online agencies it is best avoided. It flouts guidelines and can quickly gain your site a ranking penalty!

We focus on creating campaigns that attract quality relevant links which are generated in a safe and natural way. Our method drives relevant traffic to your site and builds your brand legitimately. Techniques we use include industry outreach, press releases and content creation.

Search Engine Algorithms

Website rankings should be seen as dynamic. Websites exist in a landscape that is constantly changing. Competitors be undertaking their own marketing campaigns. Furthermore frequent algorithms updates cause fluctuations in the ranking of websites over time.

In order to achieve and maintain high visibility it is important to keep on top of your sites rankings. We suggest regular monitoring and maintenance to achieve optimum results. This will help to ensure maximum traffic potential.

Ongoing website optimisation is not mutually exclusive of social marketing campaigns or pay per click marketing. It should be combined with these other marketing techniques and so will provide a comprehensive campaign to grow your online brand and drive traffic to your website.

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