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A technological development or a revolution? Whichever way you look at it, Social Media has become a hugely significant part of our lives. Not only has it changed the way in which we interact with each other, it has rapidly reshaped the landscape in terms of online marketing.

Most online marketers now see social media as an essential part of a well balanced online marketing strategy. Both small and large businesses can benefit from a social presence and tapping into this rapidly growing and responsive online audience.

The Need For Social Media

Social media sites provide the opportunity to quickly establish a strong online presence. They offer a real time platform which can be used as part of a search engine optimisation campaign to establish your online brand. The reality these days is that that users expect a business to be present and active on social media.

While all business will benefit from having a basic social media presence, the exact social media strategy employed will be different and dependent upon the defined objectives. Existing online strategies, competitor presence and budget are just some considerations which need to be defined when first setting up a social media marketing campaign.

Setting up and running an effective campaign generally involves firstly increasing presence and brand awareness. The second step is to manage ongoing user engagement and interaction.

Brand Presence

A social presence is expected by users these days. Therefore developing your brand through this medium should be seen as an integral part of any online strategy. It starts with basic account creation and claiming your ‘space on the major social networks. The most widely known of these are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Active participation to gain followers and share content is then required to build the brand.

Creating a brand presence on social networks opens up new audiences. It also shouldn’t be forgotten that it also offers a a new way in which to interact with existing ones. Through social media you can help to shape opinions of your brand or even initiate buying decisions. It also facilitates the building of relationships with your existing customer base.

The variety and breadth of platforms is constantly evolving and offers potential for aligning specific services to a campaign outreach. Newer properties such as Tumbler, Instagram and Pinterest offer alternative routes to expanding user reach.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The huge untapped markets created by Social Media platforms have not gone unnoticed by providers. Gaining access to wider audiences beyond your immediate social circles can now be achieved through the use of targeted advertising and paid advertisement placements on some Social platforms.

The use of advertising or Pay Per Click on social media platforms provides a relatively low cost way to reach new audiences. It can be used both to increase brand awareness and for direct marketing. Pound for pound it offers a fast and economical way of attracting a new audience.

Establishing a core presence on the key social networks or initiate a paid advertising campaign can yield fast and effective results for a business if implemented correctly.

At Kitn we are able to advise you on the best approach for your market segment and objectives. We can help you to get started or manage a complete social media marketing strategy on your behalf.

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