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From our studio we offer web design services for clients in Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne and throughout Dorset. We also have global clients on our books!

Our approach to website designed is to develop sites that are both visually awesome and absolutely functional.

Each site we create is perfectly structured and fully optimised for search engines. This ensures that in addition to looking fantastic, your website can also be easily found.

Web design is more than just creating a pretty looking website. It is a crucial element in ensuring that your business is visible online. It also shapes the experience of your visitors. As the old maxim says, ‘first impressions last’. You need not only to get visitors to your site but to impress them from the outset when you do.

The web is an ever increasing first point of contact for many businesses. Consequently it is vital that you treat your website as your storefront. No one wants to do business with a tatty store, so your website needs to be smart and reflect your business brand and core values.

There is no escaping the fact that the internet is a predominately a visual medium. Attractive design and functionality for the user are essential for any website. However good website design process doesn’t stop with the visuals. Our design process also ensures that your site is well structured, secure and easy to upgrade. We also make your that it is efficient and optimised for search engines to get your business seen.

We believe it’s important to ensure that your site is constructed to not only look beautiful but also to perform and function optimally.

Web Design Process

Here are five key areas that that our web design services focus on when creating your new site.

#1 Verticals

A good starting point when designing a website is to look at competitors. It is important that your website looks right for your market space. For example, a site focusing on finance is unlikely to have the same design requirements as a photographer’s portfolio site.

Positioning your site correctly at the outset makes it easier to meet with your visitors’ expectations. Your brand can then be developed to shape a  unique online presence. This is turn will help you to set yourself apart from competitors.

#2 Layout

The presentation of your website, including the individual page layout, can greatly influence the actions of your visitors. Understanding how visitors read pages and react to the content you serve is an important design consideration.

Ease of access and the flow of content, as well as the content itself, will have a significant influence on a visitors decision to proceed on your site or go elsewhere.

#3 Colour

Colour selection goes deeper than just making your site look good. It can impact users on a psychological level and reflect business values. Reds and oranges convey a fiery tone, black authority, while blues and greens convey neutrality and trust.

Complementary schemes showcase harmony while contrasting schemes convey dynamics. Good design helps to match the correct colour schemes to your website and can help to accurately convey the correct messages and values to visitors.

#4 Trust

Website design impacts levels of trust. A company must ensure that it conveys the same level of professionalism in its interaction with people on the web as it would in real life. Pre-made templates, stock photography images and infrequent updates are unlikely to impress your visitors.

Trust can be conveyed by serving up a good experience to your visitors. In addition to the designed of your website, it can be improved are by linking to media coverage and testimonials, showcasing your (frequently updated) social media channels and displaying logos of prominent clients or partners.

#5 Speed

Fast loading and flowing design can make your site faster. This in itself is an important search ranking optimisation ranking factor that is also associated with lower bounce rates from your visitors. If your site is slow and unresponsive, don’t expect users to stay around for long, or to come back.

Technologies behind websites are constantly evolving as well as the elements of design itself. It is therefore important to keep up with the latest industry developments. Whether you want to create a new site from scratch or require help with redesigning an existing one, we can help.

Our focus is on developing websites that acknowledge the latest design trends. We want your site to be fresh and current so that if reflects the brand that you want your customers to see not only today, but tomorrow.

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